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Hi I'm Rebecca P. Fox, a compassionate Psychotherapist and accomplished author, proudly serving individuals worldwide from the heart of the UK, utilising the convenience of Zoom. I specialise in helping people heal from trauma, especially those who have experienced toxic relationships or childhood trauma. What sets my approach apart is the use of the Neuro Change Method™ and the option for an EQ-i psychometric assessment. These tools combined with my method not only raise awareness of your current level of Emotional Intelligence but also play a crucial role in my program.

I've witnessed these tools facilitate profound healing and transformations in areas such as communication, empathy, assertiveness, resilience, and overall well-being. My approach is rooted in Brain and Mind Sciences, and it's all about empowering individuals to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives using the latest research from Social Psychology and Mind Theory. We leverage the brain's adaptability through Neuroplasticity to create a sustainable blueprint for change, giving my clients the tools they need to live a purpose-driven, trigger free life.


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The innovate Neuro Change Method™ rewires your brain ensuring that you heal and recover from the trauma that you've experienced, resulting in a positive and permanent change.

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  • The Ultimate Recovery Program 
  • The No Contact Kit 
  • Parallel Parenting
  • Love at First Swipe 
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Taming Toxic Egos

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